About Us

Sensitivedentalcare.com is a website of the Dental Health Institute (DHI), a Corporation with manufacturing, research and development facilities in Massachusetts, USA. The Dental Health Institute makes and sells specialty dental products designed to fight gum disease and alleviate or eliminate key oral problems such as bleeding gums, bad breath, gum recession, yellowing teeth, tooth and gum sensitivity, etc.
DHI has developed exclusive products and systems that promote and support healthy gums and teeth and overal oral wellness:
Our PerioPower natural toothpastes and gum gels help to fight tooth decay and condition compromized gums with unique, periodontally active nutritients such as coenzymes and vitamins that are key elements of gum integrity.
Our PerioExcel Gum therapy Systems utilize the unique effect of state-of-the-art CoQ10 gels for the support of gum healing and regeneration.
Our line of antiseptic toothpastes and mouthrinses support the creation of a healthy oral environment and help to fight persistant pathogens responsible for recurring periodontal disease.
For people currently dealing with the effects of tooth and gum sensitivity, DHI is proud to offer industry leading products to alleviate sensitive teeth and gums.
The Sensitive Dental Care manual and sonic electric tooth brush products and systems help to maintain good oral hygiene even in difficult situations such as painful, bleeding or irritated gums.
Our new SDC Ortho Sonic Brush System is a unique electric brush and floss product specifically designed to provide superior dental care for people with orthodontic braces.
Our complete range of Sensitive Dental Care Tooth Whitening kits can help to make teeth fresh and white gently and efficiently.
In short, all of our products are specifically designed to support superior oral care.
We are constantly improving our products and adding new and exciting items to help in improving oral care for all our customers, young and old.

Located in the Boston, Massachusetts (USA) area, the Dental Health Institute serves customers all over the world.

contact us: info @ dehein.com

The Dental Health Institute is a dba division of Minimally Invasive Technologies, Inc.