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PerioEXCEL Basiq

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PerioExcel IQ6 DuoPack 12-Week Intensive Care Gum Therapy Kit with CoEnzymeQ10 gel and Oral Care Kit

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  PerioExcel IQ6 DuoPack Gum Therapy Kit

CoEnzyme Q10 is an essential element of cell regeneration and repair. When CoQ10 levels decrease, cell regeneration is impaired. The widespread use of Statin drugs to control blood cholesterol levels can reduce CoEnzyme Q10 to dangerously low levels. PerioEXCEL is a CoQ10 gel based on kosher vegetable glycerin that is quickly absorbed and immediately helps to recondition gums that have been damaged by gum disease. PerioExcel actually gives your gums the nutrition they need to get healthy again after the ravaging attacks of gum disease. And CoEnzyme Q10 is a natural substance found in every cell in the body, so it is safe to use! Our CoQ10 gel is specially formulated for rapid absorption, and does not contain any colorants, flavorings or preservatives.
 The PerioExcel IQ6DP Gum Therapy Kit is a 12-week intensive care program with 12 bottles of the PerioExcel Gel plus applicators. It is intended for more severe cases of gum damage after longer periods of gum disease with severe symptoms such as gum bleeding, inflammation, gum thinning/gum recession. Also included with the PerioExcel IQ6DP 12-Week Gum Therapy System is our Oral Care Kit which features a special ultrasoft Perio Toothbrush, a flat tongue cleaner and dental floss in a credit card-sized dispenser, along with an educational booklet. 

Key Product Features

  • Absorption-Enhanced CoQ10 gel
  • Helps to recondition damaged gums
  • Provides vital nutrition for gum regeneration
  • Complete Kit with 12 bottles of gel, applicators and Oral Care Kit
  • Fast Shipping - usually ships out within 24h of order


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