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Ultrasoft PerioBrush


UltraSoft Manual Toothbrush for Sensitive or Damaged Gums -Toothbrush for Adults- Ideal for use During and After perio Therapy (2-Pack)

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 Ultrasoft PerioBrush, 2-Pk

Brushing your teeth is key to a healthy oral environment. Sometimes, brushing can be uncomfortable, especially when your gums are enflamed or swollen, due to gingivitis or during perio therapy. The Sensitive Dental Care Ultrasoft Perio-Toothbrush is the perfect companion for you, as it is gentle to gums but cleans teeth efficiently. The soft bristles of the compact brush head can penetrate deep into the spaces between teeth to remove food residues more effectively. The handle design features a comfortable and firm grip while brushing.
Our ultrasoft toothbrush for adults is the perfect gift for yourself, your family & friends .They'll surly love it.

Key Product Features

  • DEEP CLEANSE :The ulrasoft toothbrush with fine bristles gets into the critical spaces between the teeth and gums, removing plaque more effectively from all tooth surfaces.
  • GENTLE BRUSHING: The soft bristle toothbrush is perfect for people with damaged or compromised gums, especially after oral surgery. The result: thorough cleaning while being extremely gentle to gums.
  • BEST USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Unique ergonomic design with ultra-soft bristles for efficient cleaning.  It is specially designed for sensitive teeth and gums.
  • UNIQUELY COMFORTABLE When you use our feather soft tooth brush you will really feel the difference!
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